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This free ebook contains three great tunes that you can play on your recorder.
The tunes are:
Jingle Bells
Old MacDonald Had a Farm
Ding Dong Merrily on High
Learn to Play Recorder
Learn to Play Recorder, Book 2
Special Bonus #1
You'll Learn Faster if You Know How it Should Sound

Everyone I've taught and spoken to about learning music says that it's easier to play songs that they've heard before and already know.

To help you learn and play these songs as fast as possible, this free package includes MP3 recordings of the songs.

On each MP3 track, a backing band plays the piece twice - once with a recorder to demonstrate the tune, then a 2nd time without the recorder for you to play along with.
The backing tracks give your performance rhythm and harmony. You'll love the color and depth they add to your playing. You'll sound fantastic.
You can use the backing tracks as an accompaniment when you wish to play for your family and friends, or even performat a concert.
Tempos are slow (60 - 80 beats per minute), but lively so you'll find it both easy to keep up and tap your foot.
Value $9.95 - yours free with this ebook.

What you can do in this case is have the backings available in MIDI file format, and play them with a MIDI File Player. Although Windows Media Player will play back MIDI files, it won't let you slow them down or speed them up.
With this program you'll be able to adjust the tempo of each track to suit your needs and taste. If the tempo is too fast, you can slow it down, and vice versa. You'll even be able to mute tracks on the backing to hear one part of the backing more clearly. This is a fantastic tool to have in your music equipment collection. It will open any MIDI file you find on the Web, including MIDI files of your favorite songs.
Value $19.95 - yours free with this ebook
15 Children's Songs for Recorder
Special Bonus #2
What if I Want the Backings Faster or Slower?
What's an MP3?
What's a MIDI file?
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